Spiralized Cucumber Greek Salad


I bought myself a spiralizer, and then I keep forgetting that I bought myself a spiralizer. Since last Tuesday was my birthday, I took a week hiatus to celebrate with family and friends and to also somewhat relax. However, I’m back and I’m bringing you this spiralized cucumber Greek salad. The base is a spiralized cucumber, … [Read more…]

Frozen Fruit Prosecco Slushies

Frozen fruit prosecco slushies

What’s more fun than a slushie? An adult version of a slushie. These frozen fruit prosecco slushies are super easy to make, and they’re so good you’ll want to drink the entire blender. I mean, if you do, more power to ya. That’s an entire bottle of prosecco, but do your thing. No judgment here. Not … [Read more…]

Matcha Smoothie


I’m not a nutritionist by any means, but I think you could consider this smoothie a “super” smoothie. With spinach, kale, chia seeds, matcha powder and fruit- this smoothie is so good and so good for you. I’m attempting to do a cleanse (and dragging my roommates along for the ride) where you have a … [Read more…]

Stuffed Mini Sweet Peppers


Today on National Donut Day, I bring to you stuffed mini sweet peppers (so like complete opposite end of the spectrum from donuts)… These are a great summer appetizer, they are so easy to make (maybe they’re easy because I bought microwavable rice- whatever, judge me, I hate cooking rice), and a crowd pleaser. They got … [Read more…]